Australian Labradoodle puppies are so much fun! They are playful, joyful, so cute and have a constant tail wag. When you decide to adopt an Australian Labradoodle you are opening not only the door to your home, but the door to your heart. As you open those doors, one of the most important things to start is potty training. Potty training can be challenging if not done correctly, so at Doodle Roots, we try to start them off on a good paw in the right direction and also recommend the following: 


We have done away with the days of yelling at the puppy, rubbing their nose in their accident and shaming them into creating a better behavior. It is not the way anyone learns best, especially a puppy. If you take this approach, you will just create a dog that urinates more in the home out of fear. In all training, we recommend Positive Reinforcement, especially potty training. At its foundation, positive reinforcement emphasizes ignoring the bad behavior and rewarding the good behavior. For example, if the puppy potties in the designated “potty spot” they get a reward. A reward can either be praise or a treat so the puppy knows they have done a great job. By creating a positive, fun experience, the puppy will soon begin to recognize great things that happen when I potty! So everytime your puppy goes potty in the “potty spot” show them what a great job they are doing!

Establish a routine

Just like humans, puppies do best when a routine is established. For example, creating a routine where you take your puppy out at the same time every day. Doodle Roots always suggest first thing in the morning, 30 minutes after eating, after play and before bed. It is also best to take your puppy to the designated “potty spot” each time you take them out. This will help them associate that area with where it is best to potty. Please keep in mind that even with the best routine, your puppy may still have an accident or need to potty outside the schedule. It is best to keep a close watch on the puppy and not allow too much freedom in the house, so you will be able to tell when the puppy needs to use the potty. 

Less is More

When potty training, we keep the philosophy LESS IS MORE. By this, we mean your puppy should have less space or freedom in the home. Doodle Roots suggest closing doors or placing gates in rooms that you don’t want the puppy to enjoy. If necessary, you can even get a long line to tie to you while the puppy explores. This will create an environment where you can keep a watchful eye on your puppy and prevent any potential accidents. As your puppy starts to understand where to potty, you can slowly add more space to their environment. However, keeping the space smaller at first can definitely save your carpet or rugs!

Bottom line

Potty training a puppy can be challenging. However if you establish a routine, limit the space the puppy has in the home, keep it positive and fun your new puppy will be potty trained in no time! There may be times you get frustrated, especially after an accident, but remember the puppy didn’t do it on purpose so you just have to adjust your puppy routine and keep moving forward!  

We at Doodle Roots hope these tips will help you as you go on the exciting journey of potty training.