Time to talk EYE TRIMS! If you’re the owner of a “Queen”, chances are, they’re due for an eye trim! If their charming puppy eyes are hidden, this post is for you!

Let’s first talk about why it is important to keep their eyes trimmed. Here are the three main reasons for keeping their eyes trimmed:

  1. Vision – It’s pretty clear that removing hair from their eyes helps them see better. Dogs rely on vision to communicate and understand their environment, but can’t do so if their view is blocked.
  2. Irritation – If tiny hairs irritate their eyes, excess tearing occurs to protect the eyes, leading to tear stains. Check if their eyes need trimming when you see these stains.
  3. Cleanliness – Excess hair around the eyes can trap various types of discharge, which often appears as crusty eye boogers needing removal. Keeping eyes hair-free reduces discharge.

Now that we understand the ‘why’, let’s explore the grooming groundwork and the tools needed for the job! I always feel it is important to spend time establishing a positive, bonded relationship before you dive into grooming. If the puppy or dog trusts you they will be more tolerant of the grooming process.

Start by getting the right tools. I suggest the rounded scissors shown above for easy eye trims. They’re affordable (30% off now!) and come with two sizes. The shorter pair offers more control, and the round tip ensures safe puppy eye grooming.

To trim a puppy for the first time, start by introducing them to grooming tools. As a member of our Facebook family group, you might recall my October post about familiarizing Cape with scissor work. Starting with this simple step will create a positive grooming experience for years to come with your dog.

After you have purchased the correct tools and laid the foundation, it is time to get trimming!

Follow these steps to become an expert eye trimmer:

  1. Find a location clear of distractions.
  2. Place the puppy on a grooming or elevated table. If the puppy fears heights, consider having someone gently hold it in their arms instead.
  3. Gently hold the snout of the puppy and point teh nose slightly downward. After doing so, place the scissors on the bridge of the nose at an angle. (if you are trimming the right eye, the point of the scissors will be facing upward along the right side of the nose, on the left eye they will be pointing downward- Imagine an upside down V).
  4. Gently snip the hair from the eye using the bridge of the nose as a guard to keep you away from the eye itself.
  5. After trimming both eyes, gently brush the hair around the eye forward to make sure you got all hairs. If not, repeat the steps above!

As always, life is better with treats! So be sure to give your puppy a few treats in between eyes and once finished!