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Karra Jackson

Founder of Doodle Roots

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Jawanna Jackson

Puppy Parent Support

We are a Mother and Daughter team from Kentucky with a passion for Multigen Australian Labradoodles and people. Therefore, it is our goal to merge these two passions to create a joyful puppy adoption experience where you are matched with the perfect Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle for your family. Find out below more details about us.

Our Story

Back to 2019
river boy australian labradoodle

River Boy, the boy who started it all!

Being a school counselor I always wanted to adopt a therapy dog to use with my students. As a result, I started researching, at length, different breeds that could be used in the school setting. Finally, the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle appeared in my search. At first, I was drawn to their undeniable cuteness. However, after further research, I discovered that Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles were first bred to be service and therapy dogs! Indeed, a perfect fit!

The Next Big Step
river boy therapy australian labradoodle

After months of training and school district approval, River entered the school building. Immediately, I observed the impact River was making with the students and adults. I sat in awe as 17 year old boys would sit on the floor with him, glancing up at me in the midst of their trauma to say: “He really does make it all better”. River’s influence continued to grow and everyone knew his name. As a result, many people in the school and community were coming to me wanting their own “River”, but there was only one River.

How can we help others?

One would have guessed that I was not willing to give up River. For this reason, my wheels started turning on how I could serve people better and give the gift of River to others. Sleepless nights ensued, then one day I had it! “I could help others experience their own “River” by starting my own breeding program”. Doing so, I would be able to carefully select each of my breeders for their therapy dog temperaments. As a result, I would have the freedom to donate dogs to schools, place puppies in loving homes and share my passion with others! My dream quickly became a reality and we were off and running!

I need help…
karra jackson and mom owners of doodle roots

Running this venture on my own was not feasible, therefore, I enlisted the help of my Mom, Jawanna. My Mom’s heart for people and her warm personality made her a perfect fit for our puppy parent support role. In fact, she would be able to use her gifts to help our puppy families have a wonderful puppy adoption experience.

With our mission in hand, we searched for our first foundation dog and found Hattie Mae! Hattie comes from a long line of therapy dogs and will be a solid foundation for our program of Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles!

(Note: River is my “companion dog” and is not a breeder in our program).

The future looks great!

We are extremely excited with what the future holds for our future pet families. Doodle Roots program goal is to be grounded in the “ROOTS” of why the ALD was originally bred. Therefore, we aim to support schools in their quest to secure their own therapy dogs. Therefore, we will be starting our school program (A River Runs CalmA River Runs Calm will donate a select number of puppies to schools and children in need. I hope you have get enough details here about us. So, if you want a great family pet or have interest in owning your own therapy dog you should come on this exciting journey with us!

Dream Big!

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