Breed Info

Australian Labradoodles are wonderful animals with amazing temperaments. It is with no surprise that they were originally bred for service work and therapy work. Consequently, having their ROOTS in Australia leads one to believe that they could be part Australian Shepherds. However, they are only comprised of a Labrador, Poodle and different types of spaniels. In fact, breeding these dogs together over time the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle was created. In short, all of our dogs can be traced back to the original breeders in Australia – Tegan Park and Rutland Manor.


Family friendly

Australian Labradoodles are generally calm and well-balanced. They are a perfect mix of energetic and well-tempered, thus, making them great around kids.



Love is never in short supply with Australian Labradoodles. They love everyone they meet and everyone loves them (with proper socialization plan).



Australian Labradoodles are extremely intelligent and therefore easy to train. Therefore, they pick up new tricks and rules in a short amount of time.

australian labradoodle sizes


Mini- 14″-16″
Medium- 17″-20″
Standard- 21″-24″

how much do australian labradoodles weigh


Mini- 15-25#
Medium- 30-40#
Standard- 50-60#

how long do australian labradoodles live

Life expectancy

13-15 years
13-15 years
13-15 years


Australian Labradoodles are described as loyal, non-aggressive, happy, social, curious, and clever. Therefore, you can expect that they will be amusing and silly at times. In return, they are friendly and they get along well with children and other pets



Doodle Roots breeding dogs have passed all testing to ensure that they do not pass on negative traits to their offspring. Doodle Roots performs test for all breeding stock. Therefore, we perform hip, elbow & patella testing  (OFA),  OFA Eye exam (previously CERF), heart and over 15 genetic disease tests from PawPrint Genetics or DDC.




Doodle Roots only feeds the highest quality food. Therefore, all puppies will be eat Life’s Abundance Puppy Food. Doodle Roots feeds all breeding dogs organic meat, Life’s Abundance canned and kibble food and a variety of homemade organic treats.

We believe so much in the benefits of feeding your dog a high value food that if you decide to feed Life’s Abundance to your new family member, we will extend your health guarantee by 1 year (3 year total health guarantee).

We recommend feeding your new puppy 3 times a day with the recommended daily allowance until 6 months of age.



Australian Labradoodles are mostly non-shedding, but still require brushing/combing 2-3 times a week. With this in mind, we recommend professional grooming every 6-8 weeks. All puppies will be exposed to grooming table, bath time, scissors and hair dryer while at Doodle Roots.

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