Guardian Program Overview

We are always looking for loving Guardian homes for a few young adults and puppies entering our program. If your family is interested, please fill out our Guardian Application, and let’s have a conversation to see if our Guardian Program is a great fit for you!
female australian labradoodle

10 weeks to 12 months

The Doodle Roots puppy will live with your family as your family pet. The Guardian family will be responsible for loving the puppy abundantly, socializing the puppy appropriately, providing ongoing care and training.

Females have their first season between 8-16 months. A female’s season usually last 3 weeks and they usually cycle every 6-8 months.

Our breeding program’s health testing will take place around 12 months of age. We will be responsible for the cost of testing. It is after this testing that we will determine if the dog will enter into our breeding program. Should we decide not to breed the Guardian dog, they will be spayed or neutered.

Dog Enters Breeding Program

The Guardian family will be responsible for transportation to the determined breeding site. The breeding dog stays with the family during gestation, with instructions for her care and Vet care.

Pregnant girls join us at Doodle Roots 5 days prior to their due date. This allows the girl time to settle in for the birth of her puppies. Guardian dog will remain with us until the puppies are around 6-7 weeks of age.

Male dogs will remain with their families and only travel/stay with the breeder when they are needed for a breeding.

australian labradoodle trapper
juno doodle roots australian labradoodle breeder

Required Breeding Career

Female guardian dogs have 2 litters (*see contract) in our breeding program. Our Guardian dogs are continuously assessed to make sure they are in the upmost health. We may elect to early retire a breeding dog based on these health assessments. This is the a decision we will make with the help and guidance from our trusted Vet. After their breeding career, Guardian dogs will be spayed/neutered and ownership of the dog will transfer to the Guardian family.

Male guardian dogs remain in our breeding program for up to 7 years. 

Guardian Home Responsibility

  • A Guardian’s home is within 120 miles of Doodle Roots (zip 40965)
  • Guardian family is responsible for routine care with advise from Doodle Roots
  • Guardian may use approved local Vet for routine/preventative care (Note: all medical procedures/medications must be approved by Doodle Roots).
  • Guardian puppy will be fed Life’s Abundance or other recommended food.
  • Guardian puppy will be insured through FIGO or other approved pet insurance carrier.
  • Guardian family will use Baxter and Bella or attend in person puppy training courses no later than 16 weeks and continue through advanced courses to receive CGC. Must receive CGC by One (1) year of age.
  • If other dogs are present in the home, the dog must be friendly to other dogs and be spayed/neutered.
  • Guardian must have a fenced in yard (no electric fences).
  • Guardian must have previous dog experience or willing to attend training.
  • An adult must be present during the day, have a flexible work schedule or take the dog to the workplace. If dog is left longer than 4 hours during the day a pet sitter/walker must be hired.
  • Dog cannot attend doggy daycare or commerical kennel.
  • Guardian is responsible to have dog groomed every 6-8 weeks.
  • Other conditions (see contract)

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