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hattie in the snow australian labradoodles
Hattie Mae

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australian labradoodle stud

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Pregnancy Confirmed
Fully Reserved

Size: Small Medium (25-35 pounds)
Color: Rainbow litter
Markings: White markings with potential for Tuxedos or Roan
Coat type: Soft, wavy fleece

Talk about a dynamite pairing! Hattie Mae is our resident Princess and Trapper is our very first stud at Doodle Roots from our very own Juno. Hattie Mae has the softest, sweetest and most loving nature that prefers to curl up in your lap than to be an “actual dog”. Trapper is our gorgeous roan boy that never meets a stranger, has a heart of gold and is well on his way to being a certified therapy dog (he is already working in a middle school)! This pairing has us so excited as they will be a perfect blend of all things that make us Doodle Roots. Hattie Mae was recently bred to our boy Trapper, we will confirm pregnancy on January 29th. Hattie has amazing puppies that gift us with their gorgeous look, so be sure to check out her amazing last litter.

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Two Spots Remaining

Size: Mini (15-25 pounds)
Color: Apricot, Red
Markings: Potential Irish Spotting and White Markings
Coat type: Wavy fleece coat (some may have slight curl)

Birdie is our true mini girl that produced our smallest line with her first litter  and we are so excited to pair her with Mountain Sky “Reef” from Amelia Island for her second litter. Birdie lives with my parents and is a constant companion for them. Most of her days are spent on the arm of the recliner or running errands with Mom. She is a constant companion and loves everything about life! Reef is a very sweet boy that loves to be close to his humans. He never meets a stranger (animal or human) and loves tp spend his days playing in the sand. If Mother Nature participates, Birdie will cycle in May so families can expect to welcome her puppies home around September 2024. The reservation list is currently open.

juno during grooming australian labradoodle

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Three Spots Remaining

Size: Large Mini to Small Medium (25-30 pounds)
Color: Caramel
Markings: White Markings
Coat type: Wavy fleece coat

Juno has produced some of the best puppies that have come from Doodle Roots (just ask their families) and I have a feeling this litter will be no different! She is so friendly, confident and engaging. She never meets a stranger and wants to give her love freely to anyone that wants it. She is the dog everyone wants to have when they meet her. This will be her third litter and we are looking for an extra special stud to pair her with as this may be her last litter for us. Stay tuned for her pairing, but don’t wait around to get on the list as her puppies will wow you! I expect her to cycle in July 2024 so if all goes well, her puppies will go home October 2024.

hattie in the snow australian labradoodles

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australian labradoodle stud

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Reservation List Open

Size: Medium (30-40 pounds)
Color: Caramel, Chocolate, Cream, Black
Markings: Partis, White Markings, Potential Tuxedos and Roan
Coat type: Thick, Wavy fleece coat

Cape is truly my best friend and I am so excited to welcome her first litter of pups. She is the most amazing dog that has a soft, sensitive side that truly draws you in. Trapper never meets a stranger, his tail is always going and his main goal in life is to make others happy. Pairing these two together is going to create something magical (or at least I hope!). Cape is a true medium girl with a gorgeous chocolate coat that has kept its deep color. Trapper is a medium boy that is a gorgeous apricot roan. If you want a true medium ALD, with a wonderful fleece coat and soft nature this litter is for you. If Mother Nature participates, Cape will cycle in September 2024 so families can expect to welcome her puppies home around December 2024.

Mother Nature determines when our girls go into season. We reserve the right to change a stud at any point and pass on any planned breedings.

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