The Holiday season is full of so much excitement and joy, but do you know how to keep your puppy safe during this busy time? Please spend a few minutes to review our 4 safety tips during the Holiday season to keep your puppy safe.

1. Decorate with Care

One of the most exciting things about the Holiday season is all of the fun decorations! But holiday decorations can present a hazard to our inquisitive puppies, including:

  • Tree ornaments – Many are breakable, so avoid hanging these too low as they may look like a fun game of fetch!
  • Lights – Be careful where you place the cord as many dogs may chew on them or trip on them when running through the house.
  • Candles – Those wagging tails can catch fire easily
  • Snow Globes – many contain toxic liquid so if your dog breaks one they can lick the liquid causing a trip to the Vet.
2. Always Supervise

Even though you are cautious with the placement of your decorations, accidents can still happen so it is always best to supervise your puppy. When you can’t supervise, it is best to gate off “dangerous” areas or to place your puppy in a playpen.

If you haven’t worked on teaching your puppy to settle in their playpen or crate, now is the best time to start before the Holidays get in full swing! Be sure to load up on plenty of engaging toys that will entertain your puppy during his crate time. If you need more pointers on training, please check out our friends at Baxter/Bella and use code Roots for 25% off.

3. Preparing for Guests

Meeting new people can be fun or sometimes overwhelming for your new puppy. It is always best to socialize your puppy early and make sure to have positive reinforcements in place prior to introducing your puppy to new people.

It is always best not to force your puppy to interact with new people and ask people not to reinforce negative behaviors such as jumping. Keeping a jar of treats available for your guests can help reward your puppy when people notice positive behaviors.

If your puppy seems overwhelmed by all the noise/excitement, giving them a quiet place to stay is also important. If your puppy desires to go to the crate, playpen or under a table allow them to stay there until they are ready to come out. Forcing them to interact can create unwanted behaviors. 

4. Watch the Menu

One of our favorite pastimes during the Holiday season is baking! Baking is a way to spend time with our families and share so many new tasty treats. However, not all holiday treats are safe for dogs while some are. Be sure to avoid the following things when sharing with your puppy and check any other items that you are unsure of:

  • Sugar free candy
  • Chocolate
  • Meat fat or fatty foods
  • Any food containing xylitol
  • Raw dough

As fun as the Holidays are, they can be even more fun when sharing them with your furry family member just be sure to keep our safety tips in mind! Doodle Roots wishes everyone a very happy holiday season!